Sex therapy

Sex therapy is a specialist therapy experience where someone who has identified that they have a sexual problem  works with the therapist to understand and resolve the difficulty.

Unlike other types of therapy, sex therapy specifically focuses on our experinces of sexual behaviour and our experiences of intimacy; often aspects of our lives that are overlooked and at times difficult to discuss.Typically in sex therapy we look at the experiences of sexual function and dysfunction

Sex therapy is based on a sex positive approach, which is facilitated by open communication in a non-judgmental environment. Where possible, it is often valuable to invovle both members of the couple, no matter what their sexual orientation. However, a single person can still benefit from seeing a sex therapist about their concerns.

Typically men may attend sex therapy  to resolve issues such as premature ejaculation (or what I prefer to call rapid ejaculation), erectile dysfunction (often referred to as impotence), delayed ejaculation, sexual performance anxiety, sexual difficulties after illness, and compulsive sexual behaviours (something I like to think about as unhelpful sexual behaviours). Typically women may attend sex therapy to resolve issues like painful sexual intercourse, difficulties experiencing orgasm (also referred to as anorgasmia), reduced or loss of sexual desire, and/or sexual problems resulting from menopause.

There are many contributing factors often discussed in sex therapy like, intimacy issues, infidelity, jealousy, desire discrepancies, lack of sexuality education and other related relationship problems.

Matt Tilley
Clinical Psychologist

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